Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is MLM?
MLM stands for multilevel marketing. It is a business format that has eliminated middlemen cutting some costs that can be passed on to those of us who are independent representatives.

2. Can A Person Run A MLM Business Part Time?
A great number of people successfully manage their MLM business while working their full time job. You can give just 1-2 hours a day to your home based business and grow a nice second income.

3. But Isn’t This A Pyramid And Aren’t They Illegal?
I must first tell you that pyramid business structures are not illegal. It is pyramid schemes that are illegal. Nearly every business and organization operates on a pyramid format; there is a CEO and it moves down to Executive leadership, middle management, and so forth. So yes, MLM businesses are set up in a form of pyramid too.

What is illegal are pyramid schemes. These are set up so only the people at the top enjoy the benefits of people on the bottom spending their money. These are usually done by no products or services being sold to customers. Just bottom rung people giving their money to the top people. In US Business World, everyone has an equal opportunity to make as much or little money as they desire.

4. How Much Money Will I Make?
The income you make is completely up to you and the work you put in. It is your business and just like any business, the person who works the smartest and the hardest makes the most money. But also like any business, there is a learning curve. As you build a team of people and sell products/services to customers, you will make more money.

5. Where And How Do I Recruit People On My Team?
In MLM, new recruits are taught to start with the people they know. From there, you move out to people you meet on a daily basis on the internet or in person.

6. Do I Have To Sell? I Don’t Know How To.
Don’t worry, you will not be like the used car salesman. MLM is not about high pressure sales.
Instead of selling, we educate people so they can make informed decisions. So instead of looking at yourself as a salesperson, you are actually an educator, a teacher.

7. How Much Will It Cost Me To Start A Home Based MLM Business?
Costs to start are normally quite minimal. Most MLM businesses have an up front starter kit cost and and any personal products you purchase for your own use. In US Business World, we have wide variety of packages to suit your preferences and budget.

8. How many people are engaged in network marketing in the United States?
Over 10 million people are working either part-time or full-time in network marketing in the United States, and upwards of 20 million worldwide.
In case of further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.